Why a Cheongsam/Qipao is a closet must have.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all, some of you might remember me some of you might not. I'm Louie, blogger of Comme Une Japonaise, a fashion and lifestyle blog written in french, english and japanese. Aside from blogging, I'm a aspiring musician and a polyvore addict where I do a lot of online styling. This chinese new year was a little bit special for me, mostly because I turned 18 on the 19th! I've learned to accept my Hong Kong blood and Japanese blood and this has really come together this chinese new year. In japan, honestly people are not really fond of the chinese culture exept for chinese food so I naturally grew as a international citizen but always tried to hide my Hong kong blood. Now I'm proud to be a half Hong Kongese and Half Japanese girl, and I'm starting to learn more  about Hong kong culture starting with what I love most, the fashion. Today, especially because it's chinese new year, I'm going to be talking about traditional chinese dress and why you need one in your closet.

What is a Cheonsam/Qipao ? Cheongsam as the cantonese people call it is a traditional chinese dress that is figure hugging and made of the finest silk and embroideries. It covers just the right places and shows just the right amount of skin. To me a cheongsam shows elegance, sexiness, classic beauty but also a playful youthful side, just like in the movies (the world of suzie wong is a classic)
They are variations from short to long and I've now discovered that it is a must have piece to have in your closet. Now the days a lot of people wear a cheongsam/qipao during chinese new year or moon festivals but I found out that it can be transitioned from party to date night, girls night out to casual day out brunching.  The dress is so versatile that you can pair them with booties, pumps, leather jackets and off course a chinese girl's favorite: lot's of gold accessories, pearls and jade.

Where to buy? If you happen to live in Hong Kong, Taiwan or generally chinese cultured countries I'm sure it'll be easy but if you live in europe or US, try looking around Chinatown for a ready to wear or a chinese taylor who would make a dress with the perfect fit with the fabric of your choice.
If your more into a modern version, Shanghai Tang is a well known brand specializing in modern version of the chinese cheongsam dress.
For the soon to be wed, looking for a unique bridal gown. There are lot's of Cheongsam inspired bridal gowns out there but also modern cheongsams that are as gorgeous as a marchesa or  elie saab gowns. Filled with embroideries, beading, and options form sheer fabric to sequins.

I've also put together a modern take on the cheongam look here

If you have any questions regarding styling or trends that you'll like to read on this blog be sure to tweet me @commeunejap and if you've tried out the cheongsam/qipao dress look I'd love to see it so be sure to tag me on instagram, my username is also @commeunejap. 

Till next time, wishing you a very happy chinese new year once again, and a year full of success, love and money.

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