Be Brave Project // Little Red Cap

Modelled by Runa Anzi, Photographed and Styled by Nicole Chui, Jewelry by Rings and Tings. Lanyard by Nicole Chui.

Hi everyone! Long time no type. I've been working on my fashion media campaign these past few months, and am in the midst of creating a zine. 

For those of you who don't know what a zine is, it's an independent, non commercial, small magazine that often expresses a personal opinion/idea artistically. In other words, it's similar to a Lookbook. The project for the zine features some special Rings and Tings jewellery including rings, and necklaces. So I'm really excited about it, hopefully it could be featured on the actual website where you buy the products!

The concept for the whole project is about being brave, by thinking for yourself. So what I did, was I additionally set up a blog where I take street style photos. However, instead of just listing what people wear in the caption box, I tell them to put a story of how they have experienced bravery in their lives. The aim os this, is to encourage people to look beyond the photo, because behind each shot there is a brave voice and brave mind. Click here to read the inspiration for the project and HERE for the site. 

Nicole Chui

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