A little kiss couldn't kill nobody

Watch before reading.

I saw this video quite early on, and was so intrigued by it. The simple black and white tones, soft music, plain background, and one concept all came together so peacefully, with over 53 million views on youtube.  It was sweet, down to earth, and the introduction of showing the nervous people interacting with each other gave you goosebumps.

As I read Dazed Digital's article explained why it was the most successful fashion film ever, I shrieked, since I had no idea it was for fashion / lifestyle brand, Wren. (Maybe I'm just silly since it does say Wren presents in the beginning) That was the beauty of it, the fact that the brand could present something creative without screaming obvious/stereotypical "fashion" in your face. 

From a different view, I couldn't help but wonder what it must've been like for Tatia PIlieva, the person who directed and filmed the video. Was she nervous about how the film would turn out? Was she sitting there calmly or biting her nails? How did she think of the concept? How long did it take her to think of that concept? I don't know. Hence she would be someone I would love to interview. She'd also be amazing to interview to inspire me for my own fashion media project.

PS. Who was your favourite "couple"? Mine was definitely the guy with the beanie with the nautical shirt woman.


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