Golden Globes 2014 favourites!

Long time no see rings and tings readers! I'm back in London now all settled and in the work hard mood. I decided to finally write a post because I was looking at the Golden globes red carpet (as usual) and spotted some very beautiful note-worthy looks that I had to share with you all!

This one's debatable (see the back of the dress, you'll get it) but to me, very cool and interesting. I like the back of the dress sort of resembling a kimono top. I had a dress top like this and even though nobody I knew "understood it", and I think she works the contemporary design.
Cate Blanchett never fails to look unique, elegant and graceful. She's one of my style icons.
Mirren seems to like bold colours these days, didn't she wear bright pink another time? -Oh wait no. That was her hair..oops! Anyway she looks wonderful and that green is one of my personal favourite colours.
My Absolute favourite! Everything she wears is what I desire! The colour, the silhouette, the elegance, the beautiful tailoring, the shoes. How could you not love this?

Who were your favourites at the Golden Globes 2014?


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