Downtown Meets Uptown

Happy late New Year! I have been taking quite a long break from all of my blogging life, I'm at that point in life where I'm nearly legally a adult and I'm holding on to the last bit of my childhood to do anything I can't take responsibility for... (joooking)
well. no, I'm at the scary point of like where I need to make plans for the future, and walk towards it and not look back. Growing up I was more of a tomboy, grunge,downtown gal , still am, will always be but I've also been always drawn to the elegant, sleek uptown gal look. So I decided to visit my little polyvore workspace (ctrl+tab... in my case command+T cause I'm a mac baby) and create a little inspiration outfit! Sorry about the short post but I'm afraid that's all I can handle now so from now on... less is more and I'm focusing on the quality, not the quantity!

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