More is More Zine Photoshoot PREVIEW ft Rings and Tings Jewelry

Hi there, LONG TIME NO SEE LONG TIME NO SEE . For my fashion media taster project I created a small zine based on a quote by artist "Julie Ault" stating: Don't Be Yourself. Thus, I decided to focus on the concept of More is More since there was a personal memory that triggered a tiny thought that more physical things aren't going to guarantee eternal happiness. The task was to present the statement I disagreed with in a positive light, here are a 2 of the 8 pages from my zine where you can see Rings and Tings merchandise. (christmas is coming, hint hint) 

Don't get me wrong,  I love layering clothes especially in London weather, it's just the personal story that triggered me to think of the more is more idea! I'm not saying you're a terrible person for shopping more because I'll admit…I have the ability to be that. Nobody is perfect, but it won't hurt to shop for others other than yourself to get in the spirit of giving, as long as disposable things don't dominate your entire mindset.

In all honesty, this project enabled me to have tons of fun with pattern playing, styling and photography which I enjoy doing for leisure. I found throughout this taster that creative direction was so enjoyable, and I'm happy that many people [so far] have responded in optimistic ways. Perhaps I may end up as a creative director for a fashion company in the future…you never know.

For more of my styling/photography/design work you can head on to my personal blog - 

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