The Smallest The Coziest

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The Smallest The Coziest? What does it mean?
I found the smallest coffee shop in Hong Kong which was cozy and comfortable for me.

MyMy Cafe is my beloved coffee shop and even though I don't drink coffee at all, they have the best hot chocolate! I am a BIG hot chocolate drinker ! God bless me! :)

You must be wondering why this little coffee shop is so attractive?
Mymy cafe is like an oasis, a place for us to have a break.
They have a special energy- which doesn't seem to exist in Hong Kong. This is their special and fresh style which is unique to MyMy Cafe.
You are rushing, running and busying outside but once you step in this cafe, you find your shelter and peace - if only 15 minutes, but who cares? We need time to chill and breathe. This is the place to enjoy a real coffee and have a good chat!

Mymy cafe comes from a side-stream which I really appreciate a lot, because there is too much commercialism in this world. MyMy focuses on- '' Real coffee '', '' Reasonable price '', '' which is their Faith and Belief ''.  This lovely cafe is a fresh concept for us in this boring community. We need a fresh breeze, fresh ideas and a good energy. Mymy is exactly the breeze we need and to relax our mind.

I was only a general customer who passed by and bought a Mocha ( well.... yes.... I wanna try to drink coffee but I cannot so Mocha was my choice.... ).
But then I fell in love ( kept trying LIGHT coffee but finally I found hot chocolate! Thank God! ) and would say HI when I passed by, the more time we shared, the more strong friendship we built up.

I always LOVE good energy people. I always feel touched when I meet them.
I am glad I have them as my friends! Josephine and Connie!
Everything is running as a circle, you give out a good energy and good energy comes back to you.

Be kind to yourself and others.
-F.W.- @hippymonday

(All photos by Flavia White)

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