Style Pick: Futuristic Knit

If you happen to follow my personal blog, you may know that I'm currently living in Japan the country of avant-garde designs and street style. Japanese street style incorporates these fashion forward runway looks in their daily wear so today I'm gonna show you how to style this PERFECT sweater. The interesting details gives it a futuristic feel but the color gives it a more casual feel. 

Mixing textures and adding slight pops of color and prints is the key.
The Leather paneled skinny is the perfect piece to add a slightly different texture and of course no japanese bad girl look would be complete without a pop of bright lipstick color.

Wanna channel the boyish look? pair a slightly long but uber distressed shorts with the sweater and some quirky tights and accessory. But remember to keep the shoes classy and clean to polish off your look.
Extreme mix of prints is one of the biggest things I see in japan. Bright bold colored prints mixed together. Just remember to choose prints that don't clash. (Ex: florals and stripes) Here, all the prints are pretty busy but the combination works (still crazy but works) because you can find the colors in each piece to coordinate. (ex: red shoes, red in the skirt. blue and yellow clutch, blue and yellow  skirt print) Just remember to neutralize it a little bit with some simple casual colors (In this case, grey)

I have to say without the necklace this would be a very new yorker style. Pair up contrasting colors for a color-blocked effect but don't forget some printed items. You can start with animal prints and work your way up to some screen prints in monotone colors if your new in the prints world

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