Style Pick: Fun Striped Jacket


Stripes are a classic but classics get boring sometimes that's when fashion designer's and stylistas put a little twist and spin on it and transform it into a "TREND". God I hate that word but when I break it down like this doesn't sound as bad? Today I've picked out this classic yet fun shirt  to play around with.

A lot of people find blue stripes tricky to style mostly because they have the stereotype image of ending up like a sailor. If your style leans more into the sweeter side try pairing with some dusty pink shades and light greys and mix some textures. 
Try Stripes on stripes and mix some prints! For starters I recommend paring stripes with a simple tux style stripe pants and add some florals with your accessories. Don't be scared to pair complementary colors too!
If your a sweet stylista and wanna lean a little bit into the edgy side try adding black chunky shoes and accessories with some edgy cut. 
Mix and Matching Stripes is hard try mixing colors, the wideness of stripes and horizontal and vertical stripes. I decided to show you a modern vintage look to achieve this look try pairing dusky colors with quirky accessories.

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