STREET STYLE - Animal Instinct

Admit it, we all had our fun dressing up during Halloween. Most people I've noticed were animals, like (cough cough) cats, leopards, dogs, or even Pikachus and such (if that counts). Though in our regular human lives, we sometimes feel like channeling that inner "animal" through some fashion statements. For one of my projects at uni (based on animals), I hit the streets of London to find some fashionable people wearing some "animalistic" things.
London College of Fashion students around Oxford Circus. Most people that day were in cheetah prints, a constant popular trend.
Meet Vaitea. A hip hop italian musician based in London. I loved her glasses from the eighties that had a tad bit of cheetah print on the rim. Ironically whilst I was waiting for the bus, I spotted her stunning beanie before the vintage animal printed-rim glasses. She's such a character and I'm addicted to her music! Go ahead and check out her music work here.

Animal trend

Continuing on with the "animal theme," I decided to pick a few of my favourite items from part of the Rings and Tings selection.

On an end note, have a roaring week!


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