Rita Ora Designs for Adidas

There are rumors that Rita orta is advancing and progressing to the next step by taking part in designing for Adidas and to add her own fashion sense to sports brand.
It is a big step for the young singer and the collaboration is expected to be worth £1.5 million with Adidas  following in the footsteps of the well known Stella McCartney who was liable for the Team GB’s Adidas Kit in 2012 during the Olympics.
Rita has been talking about involving herself in designing for a long time now and it has been heard that she is deciding on setting a new range of nail polishes and lipsticks for a makeup brand of 2014. She has signed a deal with Adidas and now everyone is looking forward to Rita’s designs and hope that she creates an attractive and wonderful collection that people will want to buy!
The partnership of Rita with Adidas was put into action after she spoke to a brand designer Jeremy Scott about her want to design just a few weeks ago. Even though it is not yet known what the Adidas collection of Rita will offer we can be sure that with the wonderful fashion sense of this singer -  especially her London fashion style. She has a sporty as well as a very fashionable sense. We will surely not be disappointed with what Rita Ora designs. We can only hope that her partnership with Adidas will end as a success and will be an accomplished mission.
The new Adidas collection will be a great trend when it is released. Rita’s focus on designing will lead her to success and will provide us with a fashionable collection of Adidas items. 

3 Rita inspired accessories selection




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