Find what you need from Local Brand today.

Fall and Winter are now in Hong Kong :) I guess everyone can feel it for sure :)
Did you refresh your closet yet? Time to get change!

I don't really wear knitwear due to my sensitive skin, but this time is a totally different experience for me! It changed my mind! Knitwear could be nice, smooth, soft and won't bother my skin at all!

I like the details on the sleeves - Braid
It makes the cardigan special but still keeping its simple and easy. Nothing complicated at all that is exactly my style!

Today's fashion trend I put black and grey on but also I added a gold color as well to highlighted myself!
For me, always keep 1-3 eyes catching points at one time is pretty enough.
This time my eyes catching points are : 1/ Braid on Sleeves 2/Gold
That's it! :) I am sure you can have a nice mix and match too!

I really have to send my Love to Chole Pazzo, they always have something inspired me!
And also Rings & Tings lovely and cute necklaces matching with my look and me really well!
Lastly I have to send my heart to DearBell, their unique handmade pieces always have my heart.

They are all chasing their dream, to making their dream comes true!
We definitely have to give 100% support to these local brand with 100% passion for their dream!
I am chasing mine and making it happen too! What about you?

Be kind to the one and others
Merci :)

Knit: Chole Pazzo
Necklace: Rings & Tings

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