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Are you fond of rings? Have you heard of above knuckle rings? If you have not, then you have definitely not been updated about the new fashion trends that are taking place. The new fashion trend of 2013 includes many new and different items, accessories, clothing, etc, but one of the most popular fashion statements includes the above knuckle rings. You might be wondering how these rings will stay on your finger. These rings have been created to fit right above your knuckles so they will stay on your finger without falling off. When paired with signet rings or thin bands, these above the knuckle rings can really make your fingers stand out. They make a visual statement as a cocktail ring, only they look more stylish!
The newest and the most recent accessory and jewelry trend include these rings. They were first spotted on the well known fashion editor named Kate Lanphear and other fashion followers. Above the knuckle rings are a bit different from other types of rings. These rings can be worn on multiple fingers or one at a time on any one of your fingers above the knuckles. Also, they can be worn with any outfit from your casual night outfits to your date night outfits. This new accessory has become very popular in 2013 and this is why the prices for these rings have increased significantly. You will even find celebrities with above the knuckle rings on their fingers. In fact, Rihanna was seen wearing them and ever since then these rings have become a great fashion statement.
If you like to wear ring, then the above the knuckle rings would be fantastic to add to your collection in 2013. If you would like to purchase these rings, then you should check at your local mall. You will be able to find a variety of designs if you look at all the right places. Compare prices at online fashion shops so that you can obtain these rings at an affordable rate.
Check out the above knuckle rings today and see if this is an accessory that you can pull off with your outfits this year!

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