My Purplese In Life Is To Be Red

The long awaited autumn is here and if you're not rocking these colours already I don't know where you've been all your life. Oxblood, burgundy, maroon, a mixture of dark red and dark purple essentially.

I personally really love this colour no matter the season. Dark colours are generally common during the autumn and winter period and these couple of years, these few shades of red-purple have been really going around. In the photos above I've found the basic clothing items in this colour and they are my favourite. If you're the lazy type and just grab and go with your clothes, anything with this colour and goldstar gurl, you tried. When you actually didn't, but no one will know! Or maybe you're the type that take two hours to choose what to wear. Then you probably already have ten pieces of clothing in your closet that are these colours. If you don't, please refer to the first sentence of my post.

Hands-down favourite colour for the colder months. It looks good and anyone and everyone. Don't have anything of these colours in your closet? Well look no further! Rings and Tings is ready to equip.

Written by Mildred Cheng  (new guest blogger on this blog!)

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